Online Courses at the University of Chicago

In addition to finding innovative ways to use technology to enrich classes that feature face-to-face instruction, the DTLI collaborates with faculty to design and execute fully online classes, including entire courses of study for professional certificates that can be completed online.

Open Online Courses 

Critical Issues in Urban EducationCritical Issues in Urban Education
Offered Monthly on Coursera


Sales StrategiesSales Strategies: Mastering the Selling Process
Offered Monthly on Coursera


Global WarmingGlobal Warming: The Science of Climate Change
Offered Monthly on Coursera


Internet GiantsInternet Giants: The Law & Economics of Media Platforms
Offered Monthly on Coursera


Understanding the BrainUnderstanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life
Offered Monthly on Coursera

Asset PricingAsset Pricing
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Private Online Courses 

The HenriadThe Henriad
Starting September 21st (registration ends September 19th) through the Graham School

SocratesThe Socrates Who Does (Not) Know: Gorgias, Charmides, Laches, Lysis, Starting September 24th (registration ends September 22nd) through the Graham School

Introduction to Sumerian CuneiformIntroduction to Sumerian Cuneiform
Starting October 3rd (registration ends September 19th) through the Oriental Institute

 The Grandfather of Progressive EducationRousseau: The Grandfather of Progressive Education?
Starting January 11 (registration ends January 9th) through the Graham School

Online Courses for UChicago Alumni

Plato's MenoPlato's Meno: On the Possibility of Learning How to Be Good
Starting October 3rd through AlumniU

Professional Certificates through the Graham School with Online Courses of Study

Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics
In the Business Analytics program, students learn how to solve real-life business problems through data analysis.

Clinical Trials ManagementClinical Trials Management
Students develop the procedural and administrative skills necessary to lead clinical research studies.

Students learn editing skills and discuss new trends and technologies to prepare for a career in publishing.

Medical Writing and EditingMedical Writing and Editing
This program teaches students the fundamentals and best practices of medical writing and editing.