Services for Faculty

Faculty at the University of Chicago are encouraged to engage with digital teaching and learning, from experimenting with new technologies in face-to-face teaching to flipping classrooms, to seeing to realization online-first courses.

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The best way to discover the resources available or get assistance is to fill out this form to request a meeting. Based on your questions or needs, we will connect you with someone who can help.

Propose a Project

Faculty support for digital teaching and learning can include seed grants for new projects, making arrangements for teaching releases, and supplying personnel to support the course. Projects may include:

  • Adapting an existing course to use new technologies so that learners have better outcomes
  • Using digital teaching and learning to bring to life a new course that reaches audiences in new ways, such as designing a flipped course or a MOOC.
  • Designing programs, developing technologies, conducting studies, or hosting events that advance digital teaching and learning

A list of some sample projects can be found here.

Proposals should explain what your vision for the course is, how it will use technology, whether it is a new course or a redesign of an old course, and who its intended audience is. The proposal should also include a draft of the syllabus. Proposals and questions about the process should be sent to