Courses from Faculty Collaborators

The following descriptions are just a sample of how faculty at the University of Chicago use digital teaching and learning to bring to life projects using new technologies and pedagogical modalities.

Chemistry 101 Flipped Classroom

Britni Ratliff, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Director of Collaborative Learning Programs, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Ratliff is collaborating with an instructional designer, a visualization specialist, and a production specialist to flip this introductory chemistry class for the autumn quarter of 2016. The project entails producing lecture videos, visualizations, and animations, implementing in-video quiz tools, and refining the course design.

High Resolution Images and VR

Katherine Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Art History and the College, Department of Art History

Specialists worked with Professor Taylor to create a number of high resolution scans of images for use in the classroom.  Many of these were maps, which were turned into virtual spaces that students could explore and study.

Internet Giants: Law & Economics of Media Platforms as a MOOC and as an online class for Alumni U

Randal C. Picker, James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law and the Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Teaching Scholar, Senior Fellow, the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago Argonne National Laboratory

This project had two components. Professor Picker designed and produced a MOOC that is offered regularly through Coursera. In addition, another version of this course was developed specially for University of Chicago alumni and hosted on Canvas; it offered online discussions and virtual meetings with alumni. Over 900 alumni participated.

Graham School’s History of Islam Online Course

Marissa Love, the Graham School, and Adrian Defigis, Graham School instructor

The DTLI partnered with Marissa Love from the Graham School and Adrian Defigis, instructor for the course, to bring to life an online, asynchronous version of the course on Canvas for 4 weeks; the course included videos produced by AVS and graphics created by Dale Mertes.

CPPWeb for PATH 302 Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics

Scott Stern, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Co-Director, Junior Clerkship Program in Medicine, the University of Chicago Medicine, and Husain Sattar, M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology, the University of Chicago Medicine

CPPWeb is the online lab manual for Professors Stern and Sattar’s Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics course.  Initially hosted as a stand-alone website external to its lecture course website in Chalk, it is being migrated and integrated with the lecture course site in Canvas in consultation with an instructional designer to improve site design and the student experience, while reducing faculty course administration time.