The Digital Teaching and Learning Initiative (DTLI) is a partnership between campus groups under the auspices of the Provost's office. The DTLI supports the use of technology in creating effective teaching and learning experiences both on campus and online.

We offer resources for faculty in the following areas:

  • Events to share their experiences, workshop ideas, and discuss best practices in digital teaching and learning (further information for spring 2017 is coming soon!)
  • Course design and development for hybrid and online courses, including MOOCs
  • Resources and support for implimenting new technologies, incorporating multimedia, and flipping the classroom
  • Techniques and tools for facilitating community building and active learning in the classroom
  • Technology-enhanced classrooms for face-to-face and distance learning
  • Platform support for web-based systems such as Canvas and Chalk
  • Research on student analytics and online learning

Learn more in the faculty section, or request a meeting to discuss your ideas.