The University of Chicago Professional Education

Create an Effective Learning Experience

Create an Effective Remote Learning Experience

The UCPE Teaching and Learning Team is here to help create an intellectually rewarding and engaging learning environment for students. We will partner with you through the following methods to design an impactful learning experience:

  • Applying the principles of Constructive Alignment to Identify the desired learning outcomes and priorities of your students.
  • Assisting with the design of your syllabus around concrete learning goals.
  • Orienting the learning activities, exercises, and assessments around these objectives.
  • Exploring and assessing the technologies available for the learning experience and assessments you plan on incorporating into your course.
  • Helping you understand and identify the technology or platform(s) most fitting for crafting the best learning experience.
  • Assessing your technological knowledge, comfort, and needs.
  • Connecting you with the resources and support you need to design and facilitate an effective learning experience.