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Instructor Support for Remote Teaching

UCPE offers a central resource to help faculty and instructors experiment with teaching in new modalities and tools in the digital space.

Checklist for Remote Teaching

Preparation before the Course Begins
Synchronous Sessions
  • 2 Weeks prior to the start of the course:
    • Ensure that your Zoom account is configured correctly.
    • Set up a recurring meeting for the class.
    • Import the meeting into the Zoom integration in Canvas.
    • Schedule topics for discussion and activities for each synchronous session with your students.
Asynchronous Content
  • 2 Weeks prior to the start of the course:
    • Copy course material in Canvas (if pre-existing material is being reused).
    • Update syllabus, assignment due dates, group project assignments, etc.
    • Organize and segment course content into modules.
    • Review assigned readings.
  • Review recorded lectures.
  • Review discussion boards.
  • Upload quizzes.
1 Week Prior to the Start of the Course:
  • Send a welcome email to students to introduce yourself and invite them to browse the Canvas site.
During the Course
Synchronous Engagement
  • Is there live interaction with the instructor outside of class?
    • Hold an office hour by Zoom or phone
  • Are synchronous class sessions planned and delivered well?
    • Activate your video and request students do as well.
    • Plan an agenda that includes multiple modes of instruction (e.g., lecture, demonstrations, activities, and discussions).
    • Plan opportunities for students to interact with each other by utilizing discussion forums or breakout rooms.
    • Align the live session with other course content, like recorded lectures, assignments, etc. We recommend not duplicating content, but synthesizing knowledge exploring in the course content.
    • Record the live session and share with students in a timely manner (if configured correctly, it should appear in Canvas automatically).
Asynchronous Engagement
  • Ensure a steady cadence of communication with students.
    • Send a welcome email to students.
    • Initiate and participate in a welcome and introduction discussion thread.
    • Respond in a timely manner (ideally within 24 hours) to emails from students.
    • Instructor and TA participate in asynchronous discussion (e.g., drop in at least a couple times to encourage or guide student discussion).
  • Formulate and articulate clear expectations for students.
    • Disseminate expectations about group projects and respectful interactions in discussion boards.
  • Provide formative and summative feedback on students’ work.
    • Provide timely and personalized feedback on assignments (within 1 week for major graded assignments).
    • Set up feedback mechanisms during course such as a mid-course evaluation.
    • Grade assignments and quizzes in a timely manner.


After your Course
Submitting Grades
  • Use the gradebook in Canvas; fill in each column for every student.
  • Final grades are due two weeks after the course ends (verify this due date with your program staff).
  • Export grades from Canvas to an excel document and affix letter grades for each student and send to program staff.
Evaluation and Revision
  • Review student feedback with Teaching and Learning staff member.
  • Identify and plan revisions based on lessons learned.

Zoom Support

Additional Support
Zoom provides the University of Chicago community with 24/7 support. Call 888.799.9666, ext 2
Zoom Backgrounds
Access this link to find an image to download and save to your computer. View instructions on how to add these images as your Zoom background.